Toko Abadi Jaya Packing

PTFE Teflon Fabric

Toko Abadi Jaya Packing Sell PTFE Teflon Fabric in powder, liquid and solid form. Selling PTFE Teflon fabrics are versatile and have almost unlimited functions for many industries. Selling PTFE Teflon Fabric for use in many applications, based on its properties. Teflon is a polymer composed of tetrafluoro ethene monomers. Teflon has heat-resistant properties, is very stable, has small, flexible friction and is very hard. Teflon is used for tools that are resistant to chemicals, such as chemical tank linings and nonstick pan coatings. Teflon is a thermoplastic polymer, strong and resilient with a slippery surface such as oily, chemical resistant, non-flammable, good electrical insulators. This whole hydrogen polymer is replaced by fluorine. As a monomer is tetrafluoroethylene.

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