Toko Abadi Jaya Packing

Gland Packing

Toko Abadi Jaya Packing as one of the leading Selling Gland Packing Jakarta Companies in Indonesia, we sell gland packing in Jakarta with various types used for your various applications. Gland Packing is an object that serves to control leaks, not to prevent all leaks, because packing must always be lubricated and the recommended leak to maintain lubrication is around 40 to 60 drops per minute. Selling Gland Packing in Jakarta which is widely used to limit leakage along the stems in valves and shafts in terms of pumps as well as for stationary tasks such as sealing manhole covers, etc. Gland Packing is also used to reduce leakage of working fluids in rotating pumps such as centrifugal pumps, and screw and gear pumps.

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